Alternatives to Water Softeners

If you live in a Hard Water area you will be well aware of the limescale build up that you get inside your kettle and around your taps. At home this can be unsightly, difficult to get rid of and can lead to increased costs in soaps and detergents. It also has an effect on the performance of washing machines, dishwashers and other domestic appliances.

Hard water is water that has high mineral content – this is a big issue for industries who run business-critical water handling machinery that can be severely affected by limescale build up. Leaving it untreated can lead to significant effort and time being wasted, which in turn leads to significant costs being incurred.

Therefore, many homes and business look to reduce the effects of hard water by installing a Water Softener into their water system. However, although they usually work well and soften water effectively, traditional water softeners work by passing the hard water through a cylinder which includes a mechanism for replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium (salt). This means that there is an ongoing maintenance costs for softeners of this type which need to have the salt replaced on a regular basis.

At HydroFLOW SA we have therefore developed a unique set of products that provide a unique alternative to traditional Water Softeners. Our solutions work without the need for salt and are fitted to the outside of the pipe and are therefore suitable for all types of pipe material; in addition they also work independently of flow rate.

Our Water Softeners alternatives remove the limescale that has built up completely plus they prevent the future build up, so that all your pipes will be cleared enabling proper functionality again, improving performance, efficiency and productivity.

If you are looking to soften the water in your home or business but are looking for alternatives to Water Softeners then speak to us at HydroFLOW SA about the products we can offer. Whether you choose our great Limescale remover system, Ferrite Treatment or one of the other specifically engineered treatments, we pride ourselves on the fact that all our products are cost effective, energy saving, and eco-friendly.

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More about water conditioning

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